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The Scramble for Africa


The Nixon-Khruschev “Kitchen Debate” (Moscow, 1959)

Fiftieth Anniversary of The Feminine Mystique

Feminism's Next Act

Interview Advice


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Castro interviewed by Ed Sullivan, 1959

Watch this clip of an interview of Fidel Castro by well-known television show host Ed Sullivan from 1959.  What do Sullivan’s questions suggest about American views of Cuba, Castro, and the Cuban Revolution?  How would you describe Castro, his answers to questions and the image he cultivated?

Ian Fleming Doc (Part I)

If you’re compelled to learn more about Mr. Fleming, here is the first 15 minutes of a rather interesting documentary.

“Shaken and Stirred” on Bond Films

bond article

click on highlighted link below to access article from “History Today” on the Bond films

Shaken and Stirred


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